Altria’s commitment to investing in our communities has endured as a core element of our companies’ culture for more than 60 years.

Points of Civic 50 logoWe're proud to be named as one of the year’s most community-minded businesses by the national service organization Points of Light in its 2020 Civic 50 recognition. Altria was also recognized for a second consecutive year as the Civic 50 Sector Leader for Consumer Staples.

An important element in the long-term success of our business is driving business and social impact through engagement and partnership with a diverse portfolio of stakeholders. We could not do this important work alone and are fortunate to have many excellent community partners as collaborators in our headquarters community and nationally.

After modernizing our philanthropic focus areas in 2019, we were compelled to take another look, as the national and local events of 2020 spurred new conversations about race and equity and the role of corporations to advance progress. We talked with existing partners about their work and its connections to equity, and we explored new partners to broaden the scope of our support.

We also added new community giving principles, including: approaching the work with humility; flexing our support to respond to community partners’ escalating challenges; listening and responding to Black colleagues and other diverse voices; collaborating actively with leaders across sectors; and seeking to increase impact through grassroots support of groups driving progress. This equity focus is now, and will continue to be, embedded in our core portfolios.

Corporate Giving & Community Impact Leadership Principles

  • Alignment: Investments address business priorities and drive positive societal change.  
  • Financial Stewardship: We deploy our resources responsibly, considering our partners’ opportunity and capacity. 
  • Sustainability: We work on long-term impact with leading organizations through proven, effective programs. Signature programs are evidence-based.
  • Impact Focus: We prioritize impact and transparency over corporate brand visibility.



Corporate Giving, Employee Community Engagement and Race & Equity Initiative Progress


Enterprise Corporate Giving

Including a $5M initiative to help address systemic racism

$400K & $200K

Raised through the Stronger Together Race & Equity and COVID-19 giving campaigns, respectively


of Employees

Engaged through Altria Contributing Together (act)


of Executives

Served on more than 80 non-profit boards of directors



AGDC employees fielded a Virtual Volunteering Challenge, logging 3,142 hours of service

Strategic Focus Areas

To align our investments with changing community needs, employee interests and business priorities, Altria focuses our community investment in the following areas:

National Programs


Through this signature corporate giving area we partner with leading national and local organizations with a proven record of helping kids in middle and high school avoid risky behaviors, including tobacco use.

Altria Contributing Together ("act")

Investing in our communities is in our DNA.

Targeted Programs


Responsible environmental business practices and viable supply chains promote long-term business success and sustainability of natural resources.

Inclusive Community & Culture

An inclusive, vibrant community and positive quality of life for all residents benefits the entire community and strengthens our businesses’ ability to attract, retain and engage top talent, especially in our Richmond, Va. headquarters location.

Workforce & Economic Growth

Businesses and communities must work together to sustain a healthy economic climate and develop a talent pipeline that meets current and future employment needs.

Launch of Employee Civic Action Image

Launch of Employee Civic Action

We have long supported employees in contributing their time and resources in communities where they live and work, encouraging individuals to become part of something bigger and instilling a greater sense of purpose in our culture.
Scotus Title VII Ruling Support Image

SCOTUS Title VII Ruling Support & VA Values Act

Altria is committed to treating all its employees fairly and with respect and we invest in a diverse workforce.
Disaster Relief Efforts story Image

Disaster Relief Efforts

Altria employees are community-minded and passionate about serving others. Despite hardship brought on by the pandemic and the abundant stress of 2020, many employees were still seeking ways to lend a hand to their neighbors in need.